Finex ® Nano Composite, new generation of natural and durable Teeth

Beta Dent Company has focused its goal on challenge in global markets. We have tried to encourage our manufacturing plans with modern technology. Current professionals had continuous cooperation with European companies which provide services such as dentures ‘molds production and robotic assembly machines and raw materials.
We have always tried to achieve our primary goal which is based on customer satisfaction. Consequently, we received golden tablet from National Standard Institute and the company was known as a top unit in dentistry.

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Finex Teeth

The ceramic and acrylic materials are mainly used for making of teeth for many years. Making of teeth was changed by outburst of dental composite. They gained resistant to abrasion which is appropriate for dentures and don’t hurt patients.

Isosid Teeth

Isosid Tak Teeth have 4 layers and dental cusp is produced with modified and hardened materials by combining cross linked monomers with inorganic fillers.

Crystal Teeth

Crystal Tooth has 3 layers and cusp contains Isosid primary substances. Crystal is formed in dentine layers as well as denture base from PMMA. Crystal is produced from inorganic modified materials which are formed from brighter colors and more pigments titanium dioxide. Bonding of intervals is important in particular between dentine layers and cusp which include compounds and distinct materials. In this way, we take advantage of resin-based materials with special tonnage and high temperature conditions during steps of polymerization for making stickiness.

The features of crystal are resistance to change color and incrustation. Also, it has all the characteristics of a quality tooth. Since dental technicians use a variety of denture materials with different brands to make dentures, so the products (Denture) must be have an international standard such as ISO 3336:1993.

Observing some tips can increase the quality of the prosthesis such as polishing after curing and using appropriate polishing rubbers. Crystal teeth are produced in 16 sizes of Anterior Upper and 6 sizes of Anterior Lower.


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New Products